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Entrance Gallery / Lounge / Pantry / Salon

[ Equipment ]
Mail Box / Wi-Fi / Lounge Music / Air Conditioner / Snack Bar / Coffee Server / Arts

Entrance Gallery (1F)

MISTO Tsukijiを象徴する空間。50点近くの作品を展示した「Gallery Wall」。それぞれのBOXには様々なアーティストの作品が並び、来訪者を楽しませる。

A space emblematic of MISTO Tsukiji. The 'Gallery Wall' showcases nearly 50 pieces of artwork. Each box displays works from various artists, delighting visitors.

Lounge (1F)


A space where lounge music plays, freely available for meetings and gatherings.

Pantry (1F)


A community area where meetings and discussions can take place, not just for dining.

Salon (1F)


Meetings can be freely conducted in a space resembling a salon.

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Meeting Room / Brainstorming Room / Phone Booth / Nap Room / Printer

[ Equipment ]
Wi-Fi / Air Conditioner / Arts

Meeting Room (2〜4F)


A conference room exclusively for tenants on the 2nd to 4th floors, available for free with no usage limits. Equipped with a 32-inch monitor and speakers for meetings. Accommodates up to 4 to 6 people.

Brainstorming Room (2F)


Similar to the conference room, there is a brainstorming room exclusively available for tenants on the 2nd to 4th floors, which can be used free of charge without any limitations on the number of times it can be used. The room is equipped with three whiteboards, making it suitable for meetings to generate ideas.

Nap Room (2F)


You can use it for taking a nap, or as a phone booth utilizing a 27-inch monitor with HDMI port.

Phone Booth (2〜4F)


A workspace for one person. Useful for web conferences or times when you want to focus on tasks.

Printer (2〜4F)


A paid multifunctional machine exclusive to tenants on floors 2 to 4. Also equipped with shredders and other fixtures for organizing documents.



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